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In 2016 Space Monkey Meds Opened up their doors, With decades of experience growing and have been delivering their marijuana to theBay Area which is home-grown to patients since 2012 and distributing their strain to many other dispensaries. The founding team, through their delivery service got an intimate understanding of what their patients were looking for. Their high-quality cannabis kept bringing dispensaries and stoners back for more due to their professional conduct and patients. Space Monkey aims of spreading their flower to touch more aspects of the cannabis industry.

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bellow are available strains
( Indoor Prepacked cans)

Blackwater og

Bubba cookies


Pie hoe

Purple Urkel


Rainbow sherbert

Samoa cookies

Scooby snacks

Sour diesel

Sour og

Strawberry banana

Tahoe OG

Thin mint cookies

Trinidad OG


Yeti glue


Super lemon haze

San fran og (high cbd 14%, 10% thc)

Green house prepacked cans:

Cherry AK

Kosher kushh

True og

1g all bud Preroll joint, prepacked :

Candy jack

Cookies OG


Girl Scout cookies

Gorilla grape

Glue breath

Grateful breath

Holy grail Kush

Mendo breath

gorilla glue #4

OG Kush

Gorilla glue #4

Nevilles haze

blue cookie



Eel River extracts Live resin sauce collab:

Lemon stardust

Cosmic spill

Monkey sours

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Buy spacemonkey | #1 Best space monkey strain(space monkey meds) smartBud Cans Online |

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Blackwater og, Bubba cookies, Nypd, Pie hoe, Purple Urkel, Quam, Rainbow sherbert, Samoa cookies, Scooby snacks, Sour diesel, Sour og, Strawberry banana, Tahoe OG, Thin mint cookies, Trinidad OG, XXXOG, Yeti glue, Sauce, Super lemon haze, San fran og (high cbd 14%, 10% thc), Green house prepacked cans:, Cherry AK, Kosher kushh, True og, 1g all bud Preroll joint, prepacked :, Candy jack, Cookies OG, Dosido, Girl Scout cookies, Gorilla grape, Glue breath, Grateful breath, Holy grail Kush, Mendo breath, gorilla glue #4, OG Kush, Gorilla glue #4, Nevilles haze, blue cookie, Lemontree, Tangie, Eel River extracts Live resin sauce collab:, Lemon stardust, Cosmic spill, Monkey sours


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